Skyrim Dawnguard Success Guide

Our Skyrim Dawnguard Success information details every Accomplishment for this Console 360 action-RPG activity and lets you know how to get and discover them.

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There are 10 Success (0 Secret) with a complete of 250 Gamerpoints to generate in the Console 360 edition.

Skyrim Dawnguard Success Guide
1. A New You (20G) — Modify your experience. — Basically go to the Tattered Flagon and discuss the the lady in the center. Modifying your overall look in Skyrim expenses 1,000 silver. Note: She will do not help you if you are a Creature of the night.


2. Auriel’s Bow (20G) — Use the unique energy of Auriel’s Bow. — The end of the In contact with Sky pursuit in the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim is where you acquire Auriel’s Bow with the mild arrows.


3. Awakening (20G) — Finish “Awakening”.
4. Beyond Loss of life (20G) — Finish “Beyond Death”.
5. Kindred Reasoning (40G) — Finish “Kindred Judgement”.

6. Legend (40G) — Beat a Renowned Monster. — You have to be at least Stage 70 before a Renowned Monster will appear at around the Dragon’s Den for you to destroy.


7. Lost to the Age groups (30G) — Finish “Lost to the Ages”.

8. Soul Split (20G) — Understand all three terms of Heart Split. — Basically call Durvehiir 3 individual periods and he will explain to you a term everytime. Must defeat him in the Heart Cairn to get his yell first.


9. Vampire Perfected (20G) — Obtain 11 vampire advantages. — Here is the Creature of the night Master Advantage Shrub with Details.


Here’s the Creature of the night Master Advantage Shrub with Details & the relax of the primary Capabilities.


10. Werewolf Perfected (20G) — Obtain 11 werewolf advantages. — Here is the Werewolf Expertise Shrub.


Here’s the Werewolf Advantage Shrub with Totems of Hircine.


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